Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Oh my god!! This has got to be the best past few days... for now ;) Haven't been blogging lately, but there is a lot of things that went on.

Recharge Weekend!!!

Wasn't actually planning to go there, as both Crys and Naj couldn't make it, and was supposed to have a small family gathering. So i abandoned all hopes of making it there... but then at last minute something happened. Saturday morning, Mak and Ayah had to go back to Kelantan to settle some things.. and Obi was not able to come back from his college, since he's pretty busy with the finals. I was left there, with the thought of sitting at home all alone for one whole weekend, and then the idea hits me like the mosquito swatter hits the, well, mosquito.

What am I waiting for? This is my chance to go!!!

So I thought, screw it, I'm not going to be sitting at home, while the event that i was soooo looking forward to happens and i will miss yet another gig. Called up a bunch of people, and finally I got to go with V and Zahier (Thanks a lot guys, for letting me tag along ur guy party!!!) went out of the house at 12.30pm, waited, waited and waited some more and we finally reached Malacca at 7pm lol. Got lost trying to find the way to A'Famosa from Ayer Keroh and finally got there at around 8, which at that time the place smelled like dead animals and wasn't actually packed yet. Went out again, and around 11 is when the crowd starts coming in.

IT WAS HELLA AWESOME!! (tho the rain made the ground muddy, my white cargos were soaked til the knees, and everyones shoes are goners. Even at the main arena, u can find embedded shoes and slippers in the mud. Scary, i know)

Danced around... Enjoyed the awesome, awesome music. There was another thing I did there, but only the ones who were there would know, amirite? :p

Anyway, V did something that i thought would be suicidal. A group of guys who parked the car next to us were talking, and we thought they were Indonesian, and V shouted

" Ganyang Malaysia!! "

as loudly as he can, a couple of times. Seriously i thought we would die on the spot, but amazingly they turned out to be quite chummy afterwards. Hung out for a bit, but didn't really see them again after a while. Nice guys tho.

Went back with Zahier at around 5am, to Bukit Beruang, and since both of us were too tired, the departure was delayed from 10am to 12pm. But it was okay... I'm SO glad I actually went, met a new friend that day :)

Only managed to take sum pics, such a waste. SO SO SO SO RUGI!!! Must remember to take more pics next time.

see the big logo at the back? HOHOHOH.

I think thats Bass Agents at the back. Me and V again. Takde pics dgn Zahier :(

AND another awesome awesome thing that happened :

I MANAGED TO PASS ALL MY SUBJECTS. The moment I was logging in, my heart aCTUALLY beat a lot faster then it would normally have, seriously thought I was going to fail s0me. But, thank god, it went very very well, I'm happy to say. :D

AND today i got the vest i was looking for. All pretty and grey, at a bargain too. And I watched the awesomest, illogical, hard-action movie ever (which, I FULLY recommends to everyone. Rape, pillage, murder- do anything u have to, but go and watch Shoot'em up. Somehow i find Clive Owen to be extremely sexy in the movie, don't ask me why)

Hopefully tomorrow will be able to see Li and Jannh agn, since I missed them when I was in Malacca. And pray that my JPJ Test goes on without any glitches. I reeeeaaallyyyyyy want the license...

Thursday, 25 October 2007

black plague.


What an awesome start to the posting of this blog. I forgot my password.

Anyway, days have been very uneventful, the only achievement I had so far is clearing my house from the clutters that inhibitted it for around, say 18 years (yeap. u heard me right, eighteen freaking years) and... thats about it i guess.

AND to add to another wondeful news, I wont be able to grace RR5 with my presence, merely because my mother dearest decided to make a little family gathering on said day :(

*le sigh* The sounds of a broken hearted youngling. And all this while her beau gets to enjoy the neighbouring lands. How i feel vindictive and wished he has a terrible time.

p/s - blogger doesnt have the strikeout function? No wai, thats uber-cool!

Anyway, these are my cute little cousins that grew so much cuter over the months. Presenting~
Okay, honestly I have so many cousins, their names often escapes my mind. (Dad's side, 9 siblings, mom's side, 13 siblings. U try and imagine how many kids they produce)

I thnk this cutie's called Amirul. He was a little red-newt the last time I seen him, now he grew up to a cute active little boy with a BIG HEAD (I swear its huge for his teeny body. U can't really see it here,but trust me, it is) :D HE is never quiet, always jumping around here and there and running and I wonder how he walks straight with his head being so big...

Aaaaand this cute little girl belongs to my cousin brother. A bit nutsy and blur, but i think thats just because she doesn't know us :) She's around two and she's going to be a big sister soon! Very adorable and her playpen is soooo friggin HUUUGE with Playhouse Disney on 24/7 (if I hear the stupid Mickey voice again I swear I will #$%^&) .

Aleia, (yes, Leia as in the Star Wars Princess. Her dad's cool that way ;) )

Which one of them is cuter? I loike both :D