Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I know exercise is supposed to be good for you, but I swear to god right now every single muscle and joints in my body is sore. Yeah, blaming it all on my long hiatus from the world of physical activities. The only thing closest to exercising I've been doing for the past 3 months was well, it might not be appropriate to jot it down here.

I'm on a mission, to lose all the flabby bits by the end of the holiday. No, it's not that impossible, just extremely hard. Finding yourself searching for snacks at 3am in the morning ain't a very good sign for someone who's trying to lose weight. But i will not falter. Gotta get this bod ready for the summer beach getaway! Terengganu, here I come! ;)

Monday, 19 May 2008

I feel like getting a lomo. Then i can go snap snap snap at random things and claim to be artistic. But yet again I'm broke.

That's just the reality.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

heart of the matter

I have a huge problem. My English proficiency is just going down. I mean real bad down, like newton’s apple falling from the tree down. Just down. It has affected both my speech and writing, and no, I'm not saying I was the best speaker before this but its just gotten really affected (by what, I have no idea!)

Even he had realized it too.

Anyway, for the week-gap between the horrible paper and the next one I'm just staying back here in Subang. Told mom I’ll be back today, so she called me at 2pm to ask where I was (see, I was supposed to already be in KL at this time). No surprise there, I was still in bed.

Anyway, nothing really interesting happened lately. Life had been a constant monotone. Three items on the list : sleeping, eating, studying. Thankfully I’ve been camping over at Moji’s for the past month, so at least there was a person I could bug whenever I want ;)

The last big thing was Tiesto, and then there were the exams. There was this couple of girls I met at the rave, lovely girls, both of them. Went and hung out with them yesterday, it was fun. But, it was too bad I couldn’t stay longer cause there would be noone to send me back to Subang if we went to Sugar. I wish I had my own rides at this time, or at the very least a driver to pick me up here and there (haha, dream on!)

I miss Li, but she’s away in Australia right now, and apparently head over heels with some chick (yes, not dude). Hurry up and come home babe, I nak dengar ur cerita! (and I need to tell u some ceritas as well) I miss Naj but she’s also away at Perhentian. I miss Ain and Nad but they’re both currently not available!! God, where is everyone? There are 26 mil people in Malaysia and I’m sitting in my house alone right now. Even my parents social calendar is marked more than mine. Sheesh, that’s depressing.

Til next time. Hopefully by writing here more I can imporove -- sorry, repair my English.