Friday, 20 June 2008


Cami told me this one, about how an eyebrow piercing went very very wrong. see, there was this girl, and she got one, thinking it'd look awesome cool on her (which, imho does look cool for certain people). And one fine day, the stub fell off and there was a white thread sticking out from the hole. thinking it was just a normal thread, the girl soon began to pull it out and then bamm! she was blind, just like that.

See, the seemingly innocent white thread was actually one of her optical nerves. That just sounds super freaky, if u ask me.

To crys, go kick-ass at the dinner. :)

ANDNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN the obligatory countdown. A bit more than 24 hours more to go, i'll be seeing my baby home. Yay! Let's just hope i have enough cash on me to handle everything for Sunday. On another note, I wonder if I'll be seeing her tonight there.

Urbanscapes coming up next week.. paintballing next month... (supposedly) beach trip in august... man, this calls for some more savings. Good thing my plans of having a single meal per day is actually a breeze. It's like killing two birds with one stone, haha! God, i love that phrase.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

First and foremost, I do not bear any ill-intentions to anyone

But its just-- ok, I'm gonna go straight out and say it. I'm fucking free and bored out of my wits for it.

There. You guys happy now? God is officially unfair.

And i miss him. Rindu rindu rindu rindu!!! Please, come Sunday. Why does 4 days feel like forever when ur waiting for something good? :(

there is no end to this.

Short update on the hols. The sem has started since a few days ago, i can't remember.

Week 1 : Gym gym gym. Sweating like a pig in hopes of not turning into one. Did it work? I have abso-fucking-lutely no idea.

Week 2 : the long awaited east coast trip. Spent great time with mom dad and brothers. Thats the only plus-side to it, the rest was shit. The coastline was murky; the only time i get to see some decent sea was by the road 3 hours before Awana. 5-star hotel my ass. But it's all good. Oh, was sick.

Week 3 : Sick. spent it at home (not) sleeping and both contemplating and dreading my return to Malacca. For various reasons.

SO, now that I'm here theres no escaping reality again. Gotta get my grades up by a whole fucking point. Study more so I don't look like an ass when someone asks me whats my major. Try to readjust life with the juniors in the house. OH, did I forget to mention that I'm living in the reminiscence of 2 years back, where everything was new and misplaced. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? The best thing is I'm starting to open up to the new roomies. Well, at least i knew their names and try to talk to them on a daily basis, thats a good start, no?

Anthony Robbins has been my new hero, every night he sleeps next to me lovingly putting ideas in my head. And I'm also missing Moji teribbly. The scary thing is i find myself thinking about him more often these days, his calls makes me happy, talking to him feels so good. I feel relieved and scared at the same time. Could this be it?

Note to self : Don't ruin it.

Tomorrow will be a great day, the sun is still gonna shine and your pathetic presence in this world will still remain insignificant. Amen to that.

p/s - another note to self. Save up some money, u ain't got no dollars in ya bank account nemore.