Saturday, 28 February 2009

where does the good go?


I’ve been bad, really bad. Ask me why, I might not answer you.

The bitch is back and this time It made me laugh with less enthusiasm. Just when I start thinking about it as a decent human being it plummets back into being a canine whore. Good for you. Don't go against your nature now.

As for most things I do feel bad. Bad things are happening to people around me. My house has no couch and I feel a tinge of wickedness. It doesn’t help that I'm broke. Do I sound whiny? U don’t like it? F off, (with love)

To li, aa and crys, this too shall pass. Don’t do things that will turn back and poop right in your face.

On another note, what constitutes a friendship? Maybe I'm just being picky. Or I'm just lazy. Careful there, they’re not light bulbs. I miss him so much, but due to some shitty objects orbiting him I can’t do anything about it. Fuck it, natural selection doesn’t really apply nowadays. Still, I do miss him.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It happened again, and I hate it. After this no more, I don't care anymore.

Bad influences? Maybe.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

"Those with whom you assemble you will soon resemble"

In this context I'm being very cautious. Obi crashed the car on Monday, there goes my mobility. As much as I'm angry my true feelings are being masked due to not actually seeing the tragedy. But I'm glad he is fine, albeit the idiot he is.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Funny how a thing I so hate is currently fueling me to do things I never would. And leave things I always did. I think that it really is enough, things have been said and done and now it's at the end. I don't ever want to go there again, I never want to be thinking about it in case anything happens. Never. Ever. So please, for the sake of yourself, just do it.

Resolutions apart, I am just penniless. Theres 11 RM in my wallet and I'm too shy to ask dad for more cash. Let's just wait it out til Thursday, or he pays my loot. Whichever comes first. First day of classes was refreshing. The Tort lecturer seemed vaguely disappointing (due to her WEAK command of English) but the rest is still unknown. Seems like Aqeil is taking over Computers again, i know Sheel would have a blast. But seriously, law lecturers should know what the hell they're talking about. Acting like a pompous bitch isaccepted, as long as u know ur shit.