Tuesday, 29 July 2008


people always say u learn from your mistakes. honestly if someone does not learn from their past wrongs then life itself isn't worth living. so many things had been done, and nows the time to look back, and move ahead to a better direction.

now, this is specially for you. for someone who loves being treated right you have not even the slightest idea on how to treat someone else likewise. i do not expect you to like me, but please treat me with the proper respect i deserve. i regret not telling this to your face, but honest to god i will the next time i see you. you snubbed me three times, and i may not be as forgiving the next time.

Friday, 18 July 2008

love today

I must admit, the deviant part of me just relishes on others’ misfortunes. Especially when it has some twist or karma involved. See, the thing that I just cant stomach is that, why, even though the circumstances are the other way around , and though I'm in the right side to be pissed, it seems to be the other way around. Frankly, since the whole thing had been resolved I did not experience any malicious ill-feelings, nor do I ever wish any evil thoughts (I’m not just saying for the sake of being noble) After uncovering some juicy nitty little details I can safely say that I was definitely the bigger person.

Karma bites u in the ass much.

Hung out with Crys dearie the other day. Girl ur getting so good in it, only a matter of time before I get my ass whupped again. People, be careful of this little lady, she packs a neat punch. And yes, scheming is mighty fun.

Another thing dear, u ain’t got no class. I should’ve listened to the warnings a year ago, but hey what doesn’t kill ya just makes u stronger innit. I just hope that you wake up from this delusion ur in, before it’s a little too late. Til then, all the best.

Watched Sex and the city movie, and Crys was right, SJP does sound whiny. I loved the series, so I feel obligated to defend her, as she doesn’t sound nearly as whiny and prepubescent as the movie portrayed. The story line was pretty good though, personally I felt it gave a nice ending and tied up all the loose ends after the season ended.