Monday, 28 December 2009

and there is light.

i have my feet stuck in vastly different worlds. on one hand(feet), i am totally happy, on the other, i'm on the brink of something that will be devastating.

the only thing i am able to do is linger, and at this moment i am flying.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

over a bucket of kfc.

I feel like I'm slowly losing you. The things we used to talk about are never spoken again. The laughs and the tears of what used to be is not there anymore. We are empty now, a proud evidence of what used to be.

Can't we just turn back? I miss you.


So its that time again of the year, where the old one's slowly dying and the new getting ready to kick some major ass. The ending line from Wanted is playing on replay in my mind.

"What the fuck have u done lately?"

Indeed this year was full of meaning, thank you God. I lost someone dear to me, not over 3 months back. I gained some wonderful friends at the time being, reconciled with another. Funny how the measure of your life is related to the lives of others. Got stuck to some addiction, made some afflictions, cleared my soul. All sorts have gone out, and in the end, the question still lies.

If he'd look at me right now, the eyes would glaze over and a smirk would appear. That face that I can't bear to look. He doesn't need to say it for me to understand what goes on.

So heres to a new year, with the coming of 2010 (also, a year closer to the end of the world? Hmm) for hoping and struggling for another day. For another flicker to add in the big fire. Another step to matter. Here's to 2010 :) let's all drink it up and savour the feeling of the old, and pray to God that it doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

metal tube

so what shall you do when they tell you to conform. its no longer hushed, its now shown in its most honest form. do u still struggle, for that one small gesture of childish freedom, or do you give in to something that might be, not just amazing but also right?

is it time already?