Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I love love love love love shopping.

But I hate the repercussions that came with it ; the loss of valuable cash. Fuck sales. Fuck living in Malaysia where sales are always on. Fuckfuck.

Anyway, not so much interesting things had happened to me these few days, but one very awesome thing had happened. The person staying with moji left last Thursday, and basically now I have him all to myself, again! No don’t get me wrong, I'm not the possessive type, but well, I love it.

Apart from that, gained a few pounds yet again, classes had started again, pangs of insecurities hit me again, found some new friends again, the usual things that happens in this whirlpool we call GROWING UP.

But I do have decided on one thing, that I officially hate Malacca. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with the quaint little state that has nothing except burger stalls in every corner (quoting a person I knew long ago), but honestly, spending money here is equivalent to feeding it to donkeys. Its that useless.

So being the brilliant person that I am, realizing that I can not run away from spending, have devised an awesome plan. Comeback and spend money here, in the city, where it won’t be like feeding the donkeys; rather the mouths of greedy capitalists instead. ;) oh wait, is there a difference? Hmm.

Hopping onto another train of thought, I love those conversations I have with li. I know she doesn’t agree on me on a lot of things, but hearing things from someone else who is so strong with their thoughts makes it a good pondering material. And I finally get to meet Sufiey, haha. And from what I have heard on the guy for so long, it is a relief to see the guy in person. Li, you’re lucky, he’s so adorable!

And I wanna do yoga classes.